How to see if there is ovulation in the ovulation test strip?

There are many ways to test the ovulation period. If you can’t accurately guess the time of ovulation, you can use these test tools to detect it. It is also very accurate. The simplest is the ovulation test strip. It is very easy. Knowing the time of ovulation, how to look at the ovulation test strip is not a problem, the following small series will teach you detailed test methods. How long after ovulation test strips strong yang ovulation ovulation test paper strong ovulation after yang? When the ovulation test strip detects strong yang, it indicates that ovulation will occur within 48 hours, and it is more common to occur within 24 hours. Ovulation usually occurs when the strong yang turns weak. When the ovulation test strip is strong, it is possible to ovulate at any time within 48 hours. If conditions permit, it should be measured every 4 hours using ovulation test strips, which can capture the time of ovulation. Ovulation test strips have been strong yang, ovulation test paper strong positive, suggesting that ovulation or ovulation is very close. However, how is the ovulation test strip always strong? The reason for this is likely to be that the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in women is higher than that of normal people, which will lead to strong ovulation test paper. Under normal circumstances, luteinizing hormone (LH) peaks before ovulation, and ovulation test strips predict ovulation time by detecting the peak value of LH. If the luteinizing hormone is secreted in the body, the color displayed on the ovulation test strip is always deep. When the real ovulation is reached, it is difficult to know the time of ovulation by means of ovulation test strips because there is no contrast change in the color before and after the test strip. Ovulation test strips have been strong yang, indicating that some women are not suitable for ovulation test strips, and ovulation can be monitored by measuring basal body temperature or ultrasound monitoring. In addition, women with endocrine disorders such as ovarian cysts, or women taking hormones and steroids should not use ovulation test strips.