Reasons for not having the same room during ovulation

According to the different symptoms of each person’s physique, it is not surprising that they are not pregnant after the same room during the ovulation period. Even if you have not been pregnant many times in the same room, you can’t rush to give yourself a hat of infertility. If the normal couple does not take any measures, if they are not pregnant within one year, they may consider asking the doctor for help. Some pregnant couples have been unable to conceive successfully because the common sense of pregnancy and their own situation are not clear enough, resulting in long periods of inability to conceive. Therefore, don’t worry about this situation. First ask yourself if you know your own physiological cycle. Do you know your menstrual week and ovulation period? Do you know which days you are particularly pregnant? Even if you are above The problem is well understood, and it is normal to have no conception in three or four months. Don’t be superstitious! The same room in ovulation day, not necessarily 100% pregnant. Under normal circumstances, the eggs of female matures are discharged once a month, and the time of ovulation is in the middle of the menstrual cycle. [Click to use the ovulation day calculator] At this time, the same room, sperm and mature eggs are likely to meet in the tubal ampulla, complete the fertilization process, which is the ideal condition of pregnancy. Despite this, the same room on the ovulation day is not necessarily a hundred. In addition to the necessary conditions for mature sperm and eggs, psychological factors are also likely to affect conception. This is because pregnancy is a complex physiological process in nature. Some couples deliberately intervene. The more anxious, the more anxious they are, the more likely they are to reduce their chances of conception. Just like the TV series “Baby” with the theme of having children, the Zhang Jiaping and Feng Ying couples have done their homework for the second child. Mrs. Feng Ying regularly counts the ovulation period and uses high technology to align the ovulation day to a certain time of the day. When the egg was detected, Feng Ying rushed her husband and returned to work immediately. The result ended in disappointment. take it easy! Don’t pay too much attention to the ovulation period. In fact, if you gaze at the ovulation period, not only will women be affected by negative emotions when they ovulate, but men are particularly sensitive in this regard, because after repeated attempts, psychological stress will suddenly increase, affecting men. Sexual function affects sperm quality. Fortunately, pregnant women often see many netizens who say that they attach great importance to ovulation, often use ovulation test strips or even B-ultrasound to detect ovulation, trying to grasp the ovulation time and improve the conception rate by these means. But in fact this is not the best way. If you have tried several times during the ovulation period and have not succeeded in the same room, you may wish to put down the burden first. As long as you understand the law of ovulation in the mid-menstrual period, it is ok to be in the same room. There is a saying that is very commonplace. “Children have a fate with their parents. It is good to let them go.” Don’t be too demanding, the more anxious, the more difficult it is to become pregnant. Don’t be too frequent! Every day in the ovulation period, the same room is conceived in the clinic. There are many such cases: both sides of the couple’s physical examination are normal, but after one year, the stomach has not responded. Later, when they were close to the room during the ovulation period, the doctor knew that the reason was here. After the guidance, the wife quickly fell in love. Some couples will be in the same room around the ovulation day, thinking that this will increase the chance of conception. Many people do not know that frequent roommates are not conducive to conception, and will also reduce male sperm motility. If the sperm is not mature, it is required to go to the fallopian tube. Some physical strength runs to the halfway and can’t run. It will soon be eliminated. How can it be pregnant? From the perspective of female ovulation, the ovulation period is only 4~5 days. At this time, it is more appropriate to carry out 2 sexual life. Fortunately, the pregnant couple suggests that the couple should abstain from sex in the same room for 3 to 5 days. In the same room on the ovulation day, the chance of conception can be increased. Look at the timing, let the sperm start in advance, in addition to the regular frequency of the same room, we can consciously prepare for pregnancy from the characteristics of sperm eggs. In general, after excretion of sperm from the body, it can survive for 48 hours in the fallopian tubes and cervix of women, and the time in the vagina is about 0.5-2. 5 hours. After the egg is discharged from the ovary, the survival time of the fallopian tube is between 12 and 16 hours. The place of conception occurs in or near the cumulus of the fallopian tube. Since the sperm survives longer than the egg, if the sperm ran out after ovulation, it is likely to lose the chance of conception. If you have a pregnancy plan, you may wish to have a room in the same room every two days before ovulation, let the sperm wait on the pregnant fallopian tube, wait for the egg to be discharged from the ovary, and successfully complete the conception. Of course, fortunately, it is necessary to emphasize that the impact of emotion on conception is very large. A peace of mind plays a big role in conception. If both husband and wife do not find any problems affecting conception on medical examinations, then please wait for your baby’s arrival. For a few months, you will find that there will be “hi”!