Doing these 10 points makes the “sex” feel more perfect

Lead: Sex needs innovation, perfect sex life is inseparable from the efforts of two people. When making love, you should use some more novel techniques, and boldly put forward your own opinions and feelings, so that two people can find a better sex world. I often think about sex, Dr. Ian Kner, said that sex has a great psychological component, so you should allow yourself to think about sex often and not to restrain yourself. There is a connection between the brain and sexual desire, so it is often helpful to think about sex to improve sex life, but remember that this is limited to couples or partners. Dedicating to a lover is more about meeting the sexual needs of the partner, which will make your sexual performance better and will make the relationship between the two more harmonious. Dr. Kna said that if a lover likes to have sex in the morning or wants to change positions, then “selflessness and generosity” will satisfy each other, and he or she will also reciprocate and make sex fun. With curiosity and the spirit of exploration, Dr. Schwartz said, “If you insist on making love in the way you are familiar with, and you will never do it if you are not familiar with it, then it will be difficult to be perfect in your sexual life.” Therefore, for a sexual partner The proposed requirements for trying new positions, new tools, and new skills should be tried with the attitude that “it will be very exciting”. Forget about yourself, if you want sex better, don’t worry if you are good enough and perform well. Sexologists say that being confident is good for improving sex. When it comes to sex in time, women must know how to call out at the right time, and behave more wildly. Schwartz said that one of the things that men most want their sexual partners to do is to speak more when they are sexual. Taking the initiative to tease foreign countries has investigated the most irritating sex that some men have done with their female partners. The answer is concentrated on one aspect: women lead sex, surprise or take the initiative to tease. Adherence to sports research has found that being healthy and active is the best aphrodisiac. You can improve your health through exercise, so you can focus more, improve your sexual desire, improve your endurance, and increase your self-confidence. If you laugh a lot and want to behave well in sex, you should keep an optimistic attitude, find fun from every detail, and keep your humor.