8 different games in the same room make you feel the quality of life

If couples can break the unchanging pattern in their sexual life, it will be beneficial for two people to have a high quality sex life. We can choose some games in the same room, which will not only improve the fun of the house, but also increase the passion in the invisible. Common games in the same room mainly include truth-telling adventures, seven minutes of paradise, bottle-turning games, sexy turntables, and craps. The following is a detailed introduction. Truth or Dare: Sexual Fantasy + Striptease If you have never played this game, you will be amazed. Whether you choose the truth or the big adventure, you can have new discoveries about your partner. All you need is a rich imagination and a healthy sex taste. If it’s your question, don’t just ask her about sexual fantasies, you can introduce problems into life. As for big adventures, striptease or thigh dance are very popular. If you don’t want to ask and don’t want to answer questions about previous sexual experiences, you can explain the rules at the beginning of the game. Because the most unwanted result is to make her jealous or embarrassed. Reward: Playing this game at the end of dinner can increase the excitement of those who love the limelight. Heaven Seven Minutes: Confined Space + Adult Games Just because you are no longer a teenager, it doesn’t mean you are forbidden to enter the closet. In an adult game, you wait for her in the dark (doors closed), and she slips in comfortably (or wears nothing). Expecting and confined spaces will make you enthusiasm, and in the absence of light, you can enhance your feelings. Once she stepped in, she kissed her hand, her arm, her collarbone, but didn’t kiss her lips unless she couldn’t wait any longer. Reward: The person who talks first loses. Turning the bottle game: Sexual love + French kiss You may remember your game of turning the bottle when you were young. At this time, the difference in this game is that the limit has exceeded the kiss. Drinking the wine in the bottle first helps create an atmosphere. In addition to this empty bottle, you need a marker and a large piece of paper. First draw a circle, this circle must be twice the size of the bottle, divide the circle into six equal parts, and write a sex requirement in each area, which can be performed by both men and women (eg French kiss, Striptease, partner selection, etc.). Turn the bottle in order, no matter what you turn, you have to perform on your partner. Reward: Can be recorded for later recollection. Sexy Turntable: Naked Games + Limbs Show Remember the turntable? Remember the general posture of the Jiu Jitsu actor? Your limbs are entangled with your opponent. Now, play this game naked with your girlfriend. All you need is a turntable and your birthday dress. Turn the pointer, Spread your limbs as indicated by the pointer to make sure you don’t fall. To be more excited, you can interfere with each other by rubbing, rubbing each other’s nose, kissing or tickling. The person who stood the longest is winning. Reward: Don’t hang on from the beginning, turn the sexy turntable into a striptease turntable. Take off one turn every time you turn the turntable. The best part of these games is that no one will lose. Playing this sex game not only satisfies your sexual desire, but also makes your fantasy come true. This physical competition makes you more intimate. This will be a win-win situation. When you want to retire, you can’t wait for a man to be intimate when you are in a close relationship. You don’t need to cater to him at the moment. Playing a little trick at the crucial moment will greatly enhance the atmosphere of the event! Don’t think that this kind of refusal will be the time. The enthusiasm of pouring cold water, just the right dodge is no doubt more teasing for her. Take the game’s step-adjustment to the right, and the evening will end with a hearty climax! Experts advise you – tell her your rhythm, she will be able to match you well, you will have more harmonious sex. Gazing at each other, love expression Of course, you can close your eyes in the activity, each enjoying the pleasure of wonderful sex. However, if you open your eyes and gaze at the same time and increase your emotional communication, you will find that this is a common experience that can greatly enhance your interactivity and intimacy. In addition, we must know that “the face is the most emotional part of the whole body,” said a sexologist. “Don’t be sorry for the caress of her face, use your fingers to slide on the other’s nose, and her Cheeks and lips, so that she can feel your deep love.” Intimate and considerate, when you are intimate, let you and her hands clasp, or gently slide over her back, and Playing with her eyes and so on, such as intimate small movements, not only can fully express your inner delicate and warm emotions, but also increase the “current” interaction between the two sides, and push the intimate atmosphere to the climax! As the sexologists say: “Intimacy does not mean Just rubbing her sexual organs, you can create many unique intimate ways, such as some couples will use the eyelashes to rub the other’s cheeks, playful and sweet. Roll the dice, break the bottom line + take the opportunity to ask all you need is a blind man and Rich imagination. Write the action and corresponding numbers on a piece of paper. The action can be relatively mild (eg 1 = foot massage) or you can break through the bottom according to your mood (eg: 1 = blowing Xiao ) or taste Sex toys, make you more lasting in sex, and highly elastic ring vibration to adapt to all sizes of the male penis when you roll the dice, and your partner want to perform the action in mind..: This is a good opportunity to try all the actions you are embarrassed to ask her to do, so don’t hesitate. Reward: You can throw two or more dice at the same time and let her complete a series of moves. Different games have different fun. Couples can choose the same room games that suit each other according to their own preferences, but Xiaobian also reminds the majority of couples. When engaging in these small games, the premise is that the partners can also accept them readily, otherwise it is possible Will destroy the marital relationship. In the process of playing each other, you must concentrate on it so that you can achieve better results.