How to come to a love that is forgotten?

You are a beautiful and mature woman. You have a marriage that everyone envied. However, in the bed, there is an unspeakable cloud that surrounds you. You love him and try to do better every time. But it is always not as good as it is. How can women have unforgettable sex? Generally speaking, the feeling of good sex is mostly due to the following factors: 1. I have strong desires, I want them, I feel very relaxed, and I am most likely to enter the situation. For example, the experience of an interviewee: “I feel the best time is to drink from a friend and talk about it. He took me home. It is already five o’clock in the morning. My brother is sleeping in the room. I want him to wash his face. After a break, I went back. As a result, he hugged me and said, ‘I want!’ At that time, we didn’t dare to speak loudly in the room, afraid to wake up the younger brother, but we reached a high point at the same time… that feeling was good. !” 2, the other party is good, very considerate, good skills. One interviewee said: “The best sex experience is with my fourth boyfriend, he is a photographer, quite romantic, gentle, cool, and often has some unexpected surprises with him. It is quite beautiful to have sex with him. He always finds a comfortable place to put music and drink a little wine. The most important thing is that he will pay attention to my feelings, not the kind of person who sleeps when he finishes his head. He will put a pool of warm water and bathe with me, that kind of feeling can not be forgotten for a lifetime.” 3, the two are in love, have a romantic foreplay, feel mutual understanding, deeply cherished by the other side. This usually happens between sweet lovers, but there are special examples, such as the experience of a respondent: “So far, I feel the best sex is with a foreigner, when I was divorced. Two years, and he may see my needs, just in the hotel where he stayed, at nine o’clock in the evening, he poured a cup of beer to me, we first chat on the sofa, each has a very good feeling, he kissed me Ears, kissed my cheeks, and hugged me tightly. At that moment, I felt so beautiful. I have never felt this kind of feeling of being ruined because he understands your feelings and appreciates your reaction. After the shower, he hugs I went to bed, the only thing I thought of at that time was that I had to let go, let go of all shame, burden, and enjoy the moment in front of me. He was very tall, I was very petite, but he was very pity, he taught me slowly. Go play, slowly touch, step by step lead me into the good situation, experience the realm of ecstasy.” 4. Ceremony and celebration mood, long-awaited reunion, special days, etc. One interviewee said: “The best time is that I haven’t met him for a long time. When I met in the hotel, the passion of burning firewood burned, I seemed to want to let him eat it, and he was so strong. When I enter, the whole body can’t help but be happy, trembling, huging, and hope to be in close contact and friction. This time is the best, and the climax can be two or three times, especially when he is guided by skill, the climax is so beautiful. 5. When faced with an atmosphere of stimulating and adventurous. For example, sneaking in love, hiding people’s eyes and ears, fearing to be discovered, etc., often provoke a strong thrill: “The best time is in the field abroad, while driving, there is a great sense of liberation.” “The best time is at mtv What happened, with an American, the film saw halfway, he began to touch my body, I did not refuse, but also reacted, we enthusiastically need each other, correspond to each other, in the most wild, arrogant process, together to reach a climax “”