How to make sex life more quality?

It is said that men are animals that are thought of in the lower body. In the world of feelings, as long as women spend their thoughts, they will let men fall into a gentle trap. And what about men? As long as more surprises are created, women can always be subdued. The same is true of life. As long as men and women complement each other, they will get different surprises. The most exciting couple sex life 1. Drawing body painting men are like fresh and stimulating animals. When you see a beautiful body color drawing on the album one day, you may want to try to apply it to yourself. Imagine that when your large scale is suddenly discovered by your man, will he have an impulse and surprise for you? 2, the quality of sexual life should be improved. If life repeats “three-in-one” every day, the time has passed, and the sweetness of the newly-married marriage has gradually faded. At this time, the two have long lost their past passions and gradually lost their sense of freshness. Coupled with the fact that some female friends have given birth to children, the relaxation below will directly lead to the male friends being unsatisfied in the husband and wife life, which will seriously undermine the harmony of the family. At this time, you may wish to purchase a few boxes of tight condoms in the long-term online special store, which can effectively extend the couple’s life time, and can also tighten the woman’s underside. The important thing is that there are no side effects. In addition, you can choose to have a weekend or holiday to the hotel, and a variety of romantic facilities will bring you a different feeling. 3, leaving a little lip print In addition to depicting sexy pictures on the body, you can occasionally apply a touch of color to your lips, which will also shake the desire of the man’s heart. For example, you can smear the big red with the “Yujie” fan, which will make the man look at you first; or apply the more pure pink, let the man see you will have a desire to care. Even when you apply your lips, leaving your lip prints on paper will give men a warm feeling. How to make sex life more quality? 1. Create a new bedroom environment and conceive a new theme. Renovate the bedroom according to the theme, bringing a new experience of unprecedented life. For example, replacing a new material, new color, new style of curtains, creating a romantic and passionate dream atmosphere. The stars on the roof are covered with fluorescent particles. After turning off the lights, they glow in the darkness, as if they are under a quiet starry sky. Put everything you need around the bed, like a condom, a lotion, a towel, and a large bottle of thirsty lemon honey. In this way, in addition to considering how to enjoy the passion and love, there is no need to worry about it, and it is not necessary to press the “pause” button on Xingtou to find something trivial. 2, when playing some small tricks that want to refuse to welcome, men often can’t wait At this time, there is no need to cater to him immediately. At the crucial moment, playing a little trick of “willing to greet and refuse” will greatly enhance the atmosphere of the house life. Do not think that this kind of refusal will pour cold water on the enthusiasm of the time. Just the right dodge is undoubtedly more teasing for him. Take the game’s step adjustments properly, and the evening will end with a hearty climax; experts suggest that you tell him the rhythm of your husband and wife, he will be able to cooperate with you well, you will have a more harmonious and perfect life. 3, the process of sex should be intimate and intimate, let you and his hands tightly interlocked, or gently slide over his back, and play with his eyes and so on, such as intimate small movements, not only can fully express your inner delicate The warm emotions of women’s characteristics can increase the interaction of “current” between the two sides and push the intimate atmosphere to a climax. As the sex expert said: Intimacy does not mean just rubbing his private organs. You can create many unique intimate ways. For example, some couples will use the eyelashes to rub the other’s cheeks, playful and sweet.