Is it used to hurt? Still nostalgic before the beauty?

Losing love may be a step in the growth of most people. When you are in love, the mood is like the lyrics in most popular songs. It is so bitter. As long as people who have experienced a loss of love will be sad, depressed, and decadent. Love is always confusing, only repenting at the moment of loss. Most of the pain of falling out of love comes from reluctance, but we always have to learn to let go, always have the courage to start a new relationship again, because without love, you really will not die. Love is not the whole of life, and all of life cannot be without love. We should not lose ourselves. We should not forget the habit of flipping through books before going to bed, or look at funny videos to accompany our dreams. In fact, we should all feel embarrassed. We tend to love ourselves more than we love him. It is not ironic. It just tells us to learn to love ourselves to love him better. Without love, you really can’t die. I have a friend who has never forgotten the feelings of suffering for five years. He still can’t forget it for a year. It’s not forgotten, but he doesn’t want to forget, obviously knows that he can’t come back again, but he would rather be hurt alone, one person hurts, and he doesn’t want to forget the past, he has no courage to let go, and he has no courage to look for it. one stop. I would rather miss and not want to experience a relationship, do not want to hurt the next person, and then wrap the wounds with pain, even if the wound is ulcerated, not willing to raise the wound. Is it used to hurt? Still nostalgic before the beauty? You come, I don’t ask. You go, I don’t stay. I often tell myself that the lover who is gone is not yours. If she loves you, then nothing is wrong. If she doesn’t love you, then everything is fine. If the person left after returning, the taste has changed. Your life is not just for the pursuit of love, why bother for the scars of her (he)? Even if you are talking to the world now: I only need him (her), then you will get the same state of mind as you were before? It is impossible for your life to spend the day with him (her) in love and love. Without love, you really can’t die. Every day you live well. You are suffering only because you can’t let go, you would rather choose that pain than to have the courage to raise the wound. There are a lot of people in your life who are right. Leave the one you are now that makes you think about it. Will you die? Don’t worry, you can’t die, you will be harder to kill than Xiaoqiang, you will thrive in love. Love is just one of the reasons why people live alive, not yours. Those who make you miserable are God to torture you. That can make you feel good The talent is the angel that God sent to save you. Life is to grow and mature in the process of continuous giving up. Do you think that the person you gave up, you will lose everything? Actually, what you are harvesting may be another world. What you can’t forget is the good time before him (her), then what? I have already missed it, I can’t go back. Maybe you are missing only now? Is this worth it? You may be stupid to say: worth it. Then I can only say that you are stupid. Maybe he (she) has found her (he) in mind, then why are you still staying in place? Why can’t you let yourself out? Is it your incompetence? Still can’t bear it? You don’t really die without love, you have the dream you have been pursuing, and the way you have to go. Do you like to torture yourself in pain and torture the people around you who care about you? I hope that after you come out, it is the beauty of the phoenix.