upkeep of the epidermis, at the long-term exposure of ultraviolet

In the life span of many girls don’t focus on the upkeep of the epidermis, at the long-term exposure of ultraviolet rays rather than completely wash the skin and so on variables, their skin slowly look stains, dark yellow troubles, making girls are extremely miserable, hence the subsequent to introduce you to the best thing about tea and wellness soup, to assist you reshape the delightful…

Beauty Tea Green tea in the conclusion of the ideal level, chondroitin 1 g. Preparation process: Boiling water brewing green tea juice, the chondroitin along with the focused tea mixture and drink completely.
Anti-fat Tea Material: Tea, ginger, and most of equivalent areas of the Chekhov skin. Preparation process: The tea, the 300 ml of skin and water, after boiling, add the sum of ginger, frequently drink.
Efficacy: Heal Erzhi, Drop weight. Strategy: Add honey and wash the eyebrows in immediately tea.
UFA ounce Black Sesame 500 g, walnut kernel 200 g, sugar 200 g, the quantity of tea. Strategy: The dark sesame seeds, walnut kernels, and blended with sugar to spare. Time to take 10 g with tea brewing collectively, frequently drink clothes.
Efficacy: Ufa attractiveness, frequently drink can continue to keep the hair moist and smooth, won’t become white.
Detox Beauty Tea Senna leavesgreen tea 5 g each. Strategy: The best 2 taste to the cup, together with boiling water brewing are able to frequently drink clothes. Efficacy: Heat transfer, handy water. After ingesting 20th, the entire body toxin could be ruled out. But people who have weak body are attentive. Strategy: The soy peel blisters boiled, soft juice poured to green tea . Drink frequently. People who have weak body ought to use it with care.
Girls ovulation during pregnancy, lactation is handicapped.
Grape Beauty Tea Grape juice 100 g, green tea 5 g, sugar level. Strategy: Green tea using boiling water, grape juice and sugar and 60 ml, blended with green tea juice beverage.
Efficacy: Daily healthcare, has the function of weight loss, beauty.
Apricot Blossom Dew 12 g of almond, 6 g of osmanthus, stone sugar level. Strategy: Take the almond Blend in the pot after simmer for 15 minutes, insert the sweet-scented osmanthus then cook for 10 minutes, then filter the slag caliber, place sugar seasoning can charge. Efficacy: Ufa beauty, skincare freckle.
Appropriate for girls to consume in four seasons.
Lily and lotus seeds soup Dried Lily 3 G, dried lotus seed 3 gram, dried yellow blossom two g. Method: The dried lily, dried lotus seeds and yellowish blossoms are washed with warm water, in the bowl, roll wheat after incorporating stone sugarand then cooked stone sugar could be. Drink on an empty stomach earlier or later.