to lose weight, the most important thing is shape.

Many girls want to have a good figure, but it is not enough to lose weight, the most important thing is shape.

Today, I would like to introduce you to a practice called “Pilates”.

“Pilates” Pilates is a type of movement and skill named after the German Joseph Huberts Prati (Joseph Hubertus Pilates) surname.

It is mainly to exercise the body’s deep-seated small muscles, maintain and improve the appearance of normal movement posture, achieve physical balance, create the body and limb activity range and activity ability, emphasize the control of the nuclear Myocardium group, strengthen the brain to the limbs and skeletal muscle tissue of the nerve induction and control, and then with the correct breathing method of a full body coordination exercise.

1. American dorsal muscle

Training site: Back muscles

Action: Use the right hand to grasp the foot, left and left foot to the far elongation, exhale, and then lift up the body, inhale down.

Do 20 times and then control for 10 seconds, finish on the other side.

2, waist belly

Training site: Abdominal external oblique muscle

Action: First on the side, with the hands to hold the head, legs up 20 times, in the air for 20 seconds.

3. Beautiful Legs

Training site: Thigh

Action: Inhale, lift the leg to 90 degrees, hands in the waist, exhale, then thigh does not move, calf retract, hand side flat lift. I believe many people are the first contact with Pilates, we just started to practice the time not to do too standard, but to be better than once. The training time depends on your body condition, must be possibilities.