Balanitis is one of the more common diseases in men. The cau

Balanitis is one of the more common diseases in men. The cause of its formation is very complicated. It is more difficult to recover from balanitis. Therefore, men must take precautionary measures in advance to understand the common sense of balanitis. What are the symptoms?


Different types of glans symptoms

The inflammation of the glans mucosa is called balanitis. Balanitis is often caused by infections of bacteria such as mold, chlamydia, mycoplasma, and herpes, sometimes because the foreskin is too long. Poor personal hygiene, causing the penis head to be infected by bacteria, mold or other pathogens, the skin of the penis is stimulated by chemicals, and male friends should be vigilant.

1. Symptoms of acute superficial balanitis: local flushing at the beginning, redness and swelling of the penis skin, burning and itching of the glans. Open the foreskin can be seen to be bloody and erosive, with exudate and even bleeding. Small ulcers and milky white stench secretions can be seen after secondary infection.

2, the symptoms of ring-frozen balanitis: erythema can be seen on the glans foreskin, gradually expanding into a ring shape, forming an ulcer surface.

3, the symptoms of Candida albicans balanitis: erythema on the foreskin glans, smooth surface and herpes simplex, the edge is clear, there is erosion and exudation in acute attacks.

4, the symptoms of trichomonas balanitis: glans from the papules and erythema gradually enlarged, the edge is clear, small spots on the erythema visible small blisters, and finally formed a erosion surface.


What are the causes of balanitis?

1. Infection: Infectious foreskin balanitis is the most common foreskin balanitis, causing the original bacteria, mold or parasites of such infections. The most common cause of mold is Candida albicans, except for foreskin or glans. In addition to redness and swelling, sometimes small and irregular, erosive white spots cover the surface of the glans, while the foreskin balanitis caused by vaginal trichomoniasis (parasites) is usually ulcerated, and there is a erosive balanitis. It is a bacterial infection, which occurs in patients with phimosis. It usually has a foul-smelling secretion. The surface of the glans will show many small round and superficial erosions.