3, affecting prenatal and postnatal care: Now a family is a baby, are p

3, affecting prenatal and postnatal care: Now a family is a baby, are promoting prenatal and postnatal care, but for patients with weak sperm, this one does have risks, it is also very difficult to achieve the phenomenon of prenatal and postnatal care. Mild patients with weak azoospermia can also be successful in conception during pregnancy, but due to differences in sperm quality, it is still not conducive to eugenics.

2, easy to premature birth or miscarriage: weak sperm is not only male fertility difficulties, but also has a certain impact on women. For example, some pregnant women are pregnant with a baby, but there is also a miscarriage or premature birth during pregnancy. This is due to the low quality of sperm, and it is necessary to raise warnings for patients with weak sperm.

1. Affecting conception: Men with weak azoospermia are not necessarily infertile in clinical practice. They can still be pregnant with a slight baby. For serious patients with severe sperm motility, there are certain difficulties in childbirth.

Weak sperm


4, chronic inflammation of the reproductive tract or gonads, semen analysis after 2 weeks of continuous drug use, sperm motility and forward movement ability are often significantly improved. Because some antibiotics are sterilized, they also affect sperm motility.

3, antibacterial anti-inflammatory drugs semen analysis, when WBC “1 / HPF suggest that there may be reproductive tract infections, antibiotics should be given to eliminate white blood cells in semen.

2. Antibiotics may be used in patients infected with mycoplasma or chlamydia. Mycoplasma and chlamydia infection, the time of medication is 10 ~ 14d is appropriate, the couple are required to take the drug at the same time.

1, anti-sperm antibody positive, using immunosuppressive agents, such as dexamethasone or prednisone by declining administration, can be added and refined. You can treat weak sperm.

Method for treating weak sperm


Weak azoospermia is one of the male diseases that everyone cares about. Its appearance brings great harm to men. People with weak azoospermia can cause male infertility. Therefore, men must pay attention to the treatment of weak azoospermia. Let’s learn about the treatment, harm and cause of the disease.