1, semen does not liquefy: because the men’s semen shot into the bod

1, semen does not liquefy: because the men’s semen shot into the body after the gel becomes jelly-like, affected by the liquefaction enzyme secreted by the prostate, this sperm can not move, eventually causing male infertility, semen does not liquefy in men not The symptoms of education are extremely common

What are the main symptoms of male infertility:

Prevention of male reproductive system infection This is an important aspect of preventing male infertility, especially sexually transmitted diseases. Once infected, not only the obstruction of the tract, but also the loss of gonadal function in severe cases. On the other hand, family entanglement and emotional disharmony caused by this factor will psychologically affect sexual function.

3, pay attention to personal hygiene

Avoid contact with ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation, eliminate the warmth of the testicular parts, avoid testicular morphology, metabolism and biochemical changes, maintain a normal microenvironment, reduce reproductive immune response, etc.; minimize cadmium, lead, zinc, Contact with metal elements such as silver and cobalt and chemicals such as gossypol and dinol, as little or as little as possible for chemotherapy, antihypertensive drugs, hormones, sedatives and anesthetics; long-term overdose and smoking Causes impotence, ejaculation dysfunction, and even abnormal sperm quality resulting in infertility or pregnancy teratogenicity. Every patient should be made aware that malnutrition can cause deficiency of protein, vitamins and trace elements, affect sperm production and energy production, and cause abnormal sperm number and quality. It also causes male infertility. .

2. Eliminate the influence of physical and chemical factors

In particular, those who have already identified one or both of them with congenital or hereditary defects should be resolutely eliminated, which will not only reduce infertility, but also improve the quality of the birth population.

1, put an end to close relatives marriage

How to prevent the emergence of male infertility:


Male infertility has a high incidence rate in recent years. The occurrence of male infertility seriously affects family harmony. Therefore, men must do a good job in prevention of male infertility. How to prevent male infertility in male life?