The above is the healthy eating method of the w

The above is the healthy eating method of the workplace white-collar work meal that the experts introduce to you. I believe you have already understood, let us eat the working meal together and get healthy!


It is also a wise choice to use fruit as a post-meal item, which can provide a lot of vitamins.

In addition, you can also choose some vegetable soup, drink more soup can moisturize the stomach, it is also good for the skin. You can also drink a cup of tea after a meal because it neutralizes acidic foods such as fish and reaches an acid-base balance. At the same time, it is rich in antioxidants, which can remove garbage from the body. Vegetable pizza is also a good choice for lunch, because the pizza in the pizza contains enough carbohydrates, the vegetables contain cellulose and vitamins, and the cheese can provide protein and calcium.

The staple food is recommended to choose white rice, which can satisfy the sugar needed for the brain and muscles to work properly. It should also be noted that the main course eaten is often changed, and the changes in the pattern are beneficial for absorbing a variety of nutrients. Soy products are the source of high-quality plant protein and the first choice for Chinese food. You can choose to eat some tofu dishes such as preserved egg tofu or a cup of soy milk after a meal.

For office workers, working meals are hard to have too much attention. However, food experts point out that proper attention to nutrition issues is good for the body in the long run. Usually choose a working meal, it is best to pay attention to the combination of vegetarians, vegetarian dishes should be several times the amount of amaranth. The main course can choose dishes with slightly higher calories, such as beef, chicken, pork, etc., but you should eat more fresh vegetables.

Vegetables in working meals can not be ignored

Pay attention to the work meal, you can eat more foods such as meat, fish, eggs and soy products with high protein and cholestasis. Because this kind of food keeps the mind sharp, it plays an important role in understanding and memory function. In addition, you can also eat more low-fat foods such as lean meat, fresh fruit or juice. It is necessary to ensure that a certain amount of high-quality protein such as milk, soy milk or eggs can make people’s reaction flexible and quick-thinking.

5, nutrition should be scientific

Most of the work meals are lunch, and it is recommended to eat only eight minutes. Because after the meal, the blood in the body will be concentrated in the stomach to help digestion and absorption, during which the brain is in an ischemic and hypoxic state. If you eat too much, it will prolong the brain’s time of ischemia and hypoxia, which will affect the efficiency of the afternoon work.

4, work meals only eat eight full

Eating at the right time is the most important thing. Generally, it is a normal range of dining time between 11:00 and 13:00 every day at noon. However, it is necessary to have lunch at the same time every day at noon to adapt to the normal functioning and regulation of the gastrointestinal tract.

3, regular work meals

Because foreign fast food is mainly fried foods, it obviously has “three highs and three lows”, namely high energy, high protein, high fat, low minerals, low vitamins and low fiber.

2, do not often eat foreign fast food

The quality of a work meal can directly affect a person’s physical health and work efficiency.

1, working meals should be regularly quantitative scientific matching

Healthy eating of female white-collar workers in the workplace:

Do you know the healthy way to eat a woman’s work meal?

Lunch is the most important meal in three meals, not only to eat but also to eat well, which is very important for female workers. So, how to eat healthy meals? Let Xiaobian simply introduce you to the healthy eating of working meals! Let’s take a look!