I hope that mothers can pay attention to these pro

I hope that mothers can pay attention to these problems, we must make reasonable warmth, but also pay attention to rest, can not immediately wash their hair, pay attention to changes in the body, comprehensive adjustments, and can not have sex in the month, so as not to affect Good health, I hope more women can know.
Even if you are out of the month, women should pay attention not to eat cold food, do not wash cold water, mainly warm water. Eat more fruits and vegetables in your daily life, and don’t eat spicy and greasy food.

4, to avoid cold

If women choose breastfeeding, then they should also have a cold after the moon, pay attention to keep warm, and take medicine for the baby.

3, to avoid colds

When women go out to the moon, don’t go too far. Don’t go out for too long. When you are tired, stop immediately and don’t overwork.

2, don’t overwork

After the month, women can go out, but you still need to pay attention to keep warm when you are sitting on the moon. It is best to wear masks, hats, and bibs. Try not to let yourself get cold, and don’t go to places with too much traffic. In the climate change season, women are best to carry a coat out.

1, pay attention to keep warm

Women should pay attention to their physical changes during the confinement period, and pay attention to conditioning methods, rational diet, and pay attention to nursing matters, maintain a good attitude, and effectively adjust. After the moon, you can’t do heavy work, work hard, be sure to pay attention to rest, avoid overwork, then what are the precautions after the month?