Which contraceptive method is best for wedding nights?

Question: I am about to marry a girl I love. We all believe in Christ, so there has been no sexual relationship before marriage. But after marriage, I don’t want to have children, so I would like to ask, which contraceptive method is best for wedding nights? And some other considerations for the wedding night. Answer: Although you can give your child a hukou after you get married, there are many young couples who have no plans to give birth after marriage. Therefore, for these couples, contraception is still very important. Because of improper choice of contraceptive methods, it may affect future fertility. So which method is best used on the wedding night? It is recommended to choose a method that has less side effects on the body, preferably by avoiding the drug and choosing a tool. The choice of contraceptive methods on the wedding night is very important. There is no doubt that the first night of the same bed is very important for the newlyweds. Although not all of them have had sexual intercourse smoothly this night, there are not a few pregnant women after the first cloud. If you don’t want to give birth immediately after marriage, there are many contraceptive methods to choose from, but it is hard to say which contraceptive method is the best, or which contraceptive method must be used. Therefore, how to use the method of contraception in the first night is indeed a little nerve-racking. A sex condom is a good choice. Many people will feel that using a condom will destroy the atmosphere of the wedding night, but it is not. With the advancement of the technology, the types of condoms are more and more, and the feelings are becoming more and more real. Choosing the right condom will not only affect the sex life, but also add a lot of new taste to the sex life. For example, the bump-threaded condom adds a double design of the bump and the thread, which brings more frictional pleasure to both sides during use, adding to the love and interest. It is not easy to predict that the ovulation period is long before many people decide to get married in half a year or even a year ago. It is not an easy task to predict the ovulation day a year ago. Moreover, some people’s safety period is not so accurate, so if the husband and wife are natural to the birth, it is good to choose this method of contraception. However, if menstruation has been very regular, it can be predicted that the days of menstrual cramps are at the beginning of the month, the middle of the month or the end of the month. The ovulation day is about 14 days before the next menstrual cramp, so you only need to reverse the calculation, you can choose a good day at the beginning of the month, the middle of the month or the end of the month. The basal body temperature is measured one month before marriage. However, even if the menstrual cycle is very regular, it is still impossible to achieve 100% correctness by basal body temperature to determine a first night after half a year or even a year. What’s more, many places (especially in rural areas) still follow the old habits and decide the wedding day with the lunar calendar. It is even harder to think about natural contraception. if In the case of the above, you should be after the date of marriage. That is, in the first month or the first half of the day, the basal body temperature is recorded, so that it is possible to roughly predict when the wedding day is during the ovulation period. If the day of the wedding or the honeymoon period is just one week before the scheduled menstruation, that is, after the basal body temperature has entered the high temperature period for 4 to 5 days, you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, and you can enjoy the honeymoon with peace of mind. Other precautions for the wedding night In the first night, in addition to contraception, there are actually other matters to be aware of. One thing everyone knows is that in the first night women’s hymen will rupture and it will be painful. So it is best to wait until the women have sufficient preparations before making formal contact. You can also apply a little Durex pleasure to the women’s body lubrication solution, which can make women more moist, make sex more smooth, and the cool lubricant in it can bring a cool feeling and relieve pain.