What should I pay attention to after abortion?

What should you pay attention to for some women with abortion experience? What should you pay attention to after abortion? Why do you have such a miscarriage? What can you do after abortion? These are the most women I want to know something, but what should I do? Let me tell you the following small series! 1. Regular living and living with peace, such as taking more fresh air in the morning, and participating in appropriate activities, daily guarantee Sleep for 8 hours, conditions allow you to take a nap, neither sleepy nor too laborious (such as lifting heavy objects or climbing high-risk). Yi is qi stagnation, leading to dystocia; labor is qi, leading to abortion. Develop the habit of daily bowel movements to ensure smooth stools, but avoid laxatives. 2, personal hygiene should always change clothes, take a bath, but not bathing, swimming. Pay special attention to genital hygiene to prevent infection. The dress should be wide and the belt should not be tight. Usually wear flat shoes. 3, choose a diet to pay attention to food to be easy to digest. In particular, you should choose foods rich in various vitamins and trace elements, such as various vegetables, fruits, beans, eggs, and meat. Deficiency of gastrointestinal tract, cautious taste cold food, such as mung bean, white fungus, lotus seeds, etc.; Those who are physically yin and anger are cautiously serving roosters, beef, dog meat, squid and other items that are easy to get angry. Xiao Bian recommended: Female painless abortion surgery, no harm, women, the best contraceptive method in different periods, there are many diets for the prevention of habitual abortion and threatened abortion. Here are two introductions: (1) 50 grams of lotus seeds and dried longan meat, simmering soup, plus gram of yam powder 100 grams of porridge. Start eating after pregnancy, 1 or 2 times a day is suitable for vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, low waist and legs, pale tongue, pale habitual abortion history. (2) 3 pumpkin buds, 6 lotus buds, total baking yellow for the end, divided into 3 servings, rice soup sent, one day service, suitable for several months after pregnancy, fetal movement, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and bright red color, face red mouth Dry, five upset hot, short-lived red bloody type of threatened abortion. 4, to maintain a comfortable mood study, the natural abortion is caused by the excitement of the subcortical center of pregnant women, experiments have shown that the functional state of the nervous system plays a decisive role in abortion. Therefore, the spirit of pregnancy should be comfortable, avoid all kinds of stimuli, use a variety of methods to eliminate tension, boredom, fear, to reconcile emotions. 5, must be careful about sexual intercourse for pregnant women with a history of spontaneous abortion, within 3 months of pregnancy, 7 months after the avoidance of sexual intercourse, habitual abortion should be strictly prohibited in this period. 6, to do regular checkups in the second trimester should start regular prenatal checkups, doctors can find and handle abnormal conditions in a timely manner, and can guide pregnancy care. It is worth reminding that women who have had spontaneous abortion or habitual abortion should go to the obstetrics and gynaecology department before pregnancy. If they have abortion after pregnancy, such as vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain, etc., they should seek medical advice promptly. Guess what you like: What are the complications of contraceptives to prevent sequelae abortion? Please pay attention to the gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn