6 methods of contraception, can not easily try!

If a woman has a sexual life, she must take contraceptive measures if she is not prepared for the baby. Cervical contraception, drug contraception, etc. can be chosen for everyone, but some couples use informal, dangerous contraceptive methods, often causing women to become pregnant. 6 methods of contraception, it is best not to try! Maternal women who use breastfeeding contraception without breastfeeding usually return to ovulation after 4-6 weeks of delivery and return to menstruation. Most women who are breastfeeding do not come to menstruation. Some people think that breastfeeding women do not come to menstruation, they do not ovulate, and they will not become pregnant. In fact, this understanding is wrong. A lactating mother may resume ovulation even if she does not have menstruation. If there is no contraception during this period, it is very easy for the woman to “conceal.” Therefore, breastfeeding women should also be contraceptive. After the same room, urinary contraception is considered that after men and women are in the same room, the woman can use the method of urinating to rinse the vagina to prevent contraception. This is a confused understanding. The vagina and urethra of women are two different organs. After the same room for men and women, the woman could not rush the sperm from the other channel out of the body by urinating. Calculating the safe period of contraception The so-called “safe period” refers to the 7 days before menstruation and the first 8 days after menstruation. People also call it “the first seven after eight.” This period of time is not a female ovulation period. At this time, the couple is in the same room and generally does not make the woman pregnant, so people call this period a “safe period.” But the “safe period” is not absolutely safe. Because some women have irregular ovulation. Some women even have regular ovulation, and when their mood, living environment and physical condition change greatly, their ovulation will lose their original rules. Therefore, it is not safe to use contraception during the female safety period. Secondly, if the man performs excessive ejaculation in the body, if the movement is too slow, some of the semen will be injected into the woman’s vagina. This will lead to the pregnancy of the woman. Long-term use of this method of contraception, but also easy to make both couples too nervous due to the same room, leading to neurasthenia, loss of libido and other diseases. Menopause does not contraception Some menopausal women think they are old and can no longer become pregnant, so they can avoid pregnancy when they are in menopause. This is not the case. Although women in menopause have menstrual disorders, they still have irregular ovulation. Therefore, women who are in menopause are still pregnant if they do not have contraception. Flushing vaginal contraception Some people think that after men and women are in the same room, if the woman performs vaginal washing, it can be contraceptive. This method is actually very unsafe. In the same room, if the man has ejaculation, countless sperm will quickly swim into the woman’s uterine cavity. At this time, no matter how the woman performs vaginal washing, it is impossible to flush all the sperm out of the body. Therefore, avoiding with vaginal washing Pregnant, the woman can still be pregnant. I don’t want to be pregnant when I am pregnant. This is a very painful and helpless thing. I believe that women experience more profoundly than men. Unexpected pregnancy is mostly caused by improper use of contraceptive methods. The above 6 kinds of contraceptive methods should not be used. In fact, wearing a condom during sex is a very effective method of contraception, and there is no need to worry about the side effects of the drug. If you are worried that the condom will affect the pleasure of love, you can use Durex ultra-thin condom, ultra-thin design, make women more sensitive, give men more pleasure, add a lot of lubricants, bring more real intimacy to the lovers Sexual enjoyment!